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Dear friends and colleagues,

The success of the previous International Age-related Macular Degeneration Symposia held in beautiful Baden-Baden inspired us to organize the 8th Symposium in 2023.

Over the last years there have been major break- throughs in our understanding of pathogenetic factors in multifactorial, complex AMD. We are approaching an era of new targets and strategies for treatments. It therefore is timely to review our current understanding and seek for translation into novel therapies.

We invite you to Baden-Baden in the heart of the Black Forest to the

8th International Symposium
on Age-related Macular Degeneration
Understanding pathogenetic mechanism –
towards clinical translation

We look forward to welcoming you in beautiful Baden-Baden.

Daniel Pauleikhoff

Frank G. Holz

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We thank the following companies for their generous support of the 8th International Symposium on AMD:

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
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Sponsoring: 50.000 €

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Friday, September 8th,      2023 8:30–18:00
Saturday, September 9th,   2023 8:30–16:30


Kongresshaus Baden-Baden
Augustaplatz 10
76530 Baden-Baden


Scientific program

Prof. Dr. Daniel Pauleikhoff
St. Franziskus Hospital
Department of Ophthalmology
Hohenzollernring 74
48145 Münster, Germany

Prof. Dr. Frank G. Holz, FEBO, FARVO
Department of Ophthalmology
University of Bonn
Ernst-Abbe-Straße 2
53105 Bonn, Germany


Congress-Organisation Gerling GmbH
Werftstraße 23, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany
Phone: +49 211-59 22 44 E-Mail:

Information Hotline

+49 211 5370269

Opening hours congress office

Friday, September 8th,       2023 7:30–18:00
Saturday, September 9th,    2023 8:00–16:30

Official Language


Abstract submission

Please submit your abstract online (closed).

Deadline for early registration:

August 1st, 2023


Booking before August 1st, 2023 after August 1st, 2023
Regular € 370 € 400
Resident*, Fellow* € 210 € 240
Student*, retired, unemployed* € 155 € 180

incl. VAT and excl. foreign transfer fees

*Presentation of appropriate proof of status is required at the time of online-registration or may also be faxed to +49 211 593560; otherwise the regular fee will be charged.

by bank transfer (bank details are quoted on your confirmation) or by credit card: VISA, American Express, Mastercard, PayPal

Parking facilities

Parking directly at the Kongresshaus

CME credits

The symposium will be certified as further educa- tion according to the guidelines of the German Medical Association.


See list of hotels on the online registration form.

Important notes for participants

Reduced participation fees only apply upon appro- priate proof of status.

Registration fees include lunches (Friday & Saturday), several coffee breaks and the summary of the abstracts.

If you register late or on-site we cannot guarantee for lunch and/or participation in the social program.

You are encouraged to apply for the meeting either online, by mail or by fax. Cancellation for the sympo- sium has to be made via e-mail ( or via fax (+49 211 593560) by September 3rd, 2023 and is subject to an administration fee of 50 €.
No refunds can be granted for cancellations received after September 3rd, 2023.
Changes, errors and misprints excepted.


L = Lectures
10 min presentation + 2 min discussion

P = Papers
5 min presentation + 1 min discussion


PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation (16:9) on USB flash drive or per prior upload

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Friday, 8th September 2023


Opening remarks and welcome
Frank G. Holz (Bonn)
Daniel Pauleikhoff (Münster)

08:40 - 10:30

1st Session
Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics in AMD
Caroline C. W. Klaver (Rotterdam/NL)
Marius Ueffing (Tübingen/D)

01.01 L

Christine A. Curcio (Birmingham/USA)
Center-Surround model of aging, drusen, vision, and the evolutionary biology of AMD

01.02 L

Rui Chen (Houston/USA)
Dissect Genetics of AMD with single cell multi-omics

01.03 L

Anand Swaroop (Washington/USA)
AMD – making sense of genetic risk

01.04 L

Marius Ueffing (Tübingen/D)
Genomics and proteomics to identify, model and validate AMD risk factors and disease drivers

01.05 L

Carel B. Hoyng (Nijmegen/NL)
Early onset macular degenera- tion, what can we learn from it?


Caroline C. W. Klaver (Rotterdam/NL)
Systemic genomics and EyeRisk study – risk factors and prevention

01.07 L

Steffen Schmitz-Valckenberg (Salt Lake City/USA)
Progression of AMD among Individuals homozygous and heterozygous for risk alleles for CFH and ARMS2/HTRA1

01.08 P

Brandi L. Williams, N. A. Seager, C. M. Pappas, J. Liu, R. A. Anstadt, M.A. Zouache, B.T. Richards, G.S. Hageman
(Salt Lake City/USA)
The Chromosome 10q26 locus associated with elevated risk for AMD causes reduced HTRA1 expression specifically in RPE

01.09 P

Mahfam Shahabi1, A. de Breuk1, F. Cinque1, A. I. den Hollander1, E. T. Thee2, J. M. Colijn2, T. J. Heesterbeek1, C. C. W. Klaver1,2,3, C. B. Hoyng1, Y. T. E. Lechanteur1
(1Nijmegen/NL, 2Rotterdam/NL, 3Basel/CH)
Disease progression in AMD patients carrying rare variants in complement factor H and complement factor I genes


Coffee break

11:00 - 13:00

2nd Session
Pathogenetic mechanism of AMD: Energetic metabolism in the outer retina
Deborah A. Ferrington
John Flannery (Berkeley/USA)

02.01 L

Kevin Achberger (Tübingen/D)
Organoids as research models for AMD metabolism

02.02 L

James B. Hurley (Seattle/USA)
Energetics of the outer retina and its relationship to AMD

02.03 L

Jianhai Du (Morgantown/USA)
Nutrient utilization of the outer retina and its changes in AMD

02.04 L

Glen Jeffery (London/UK)
Organisation of mitochondria in photoreceptors and improving their function

02.05 L

Deborah A. Ferrington (Pasadena/USA)
RPE mitochondrial aging and its relationship to AMD

02.06 L

Karl Csaky (Dallas/USA)
Translating altered energetics of the RPE to the clinic in iAMD patients

02.07 L

Janet R. Sparrow (New York/USA)
Learning from short-wavelength fundus autofluorescence

02.08 L

Thomas Ach (Bonn/D)
The new biology of fundus autofluorescence

02.09 P

Leon von der Emde, M. Mallwitz, M. Saßmannshausen, F. G. Holz, T. Ach (Bonn/D)
Quantitative autofluorescence of AMD-typical lesions

02.10 L

Robert F. Mullins (Iowa City/USA)
The Role of the Choriocapillaris in AMD: Insights from Imaging and Molecular Biology

13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 16:00

3rd Session
Ageing of the outer retina, RPE and choroid: intermediate AMD I
Karl Csaky
SriniVas Sadda (Los Angeles/USA)

03.01 L

Imre Lengyel (Belfast/UK)
Causes and consequences of drusen pathogenesis

03.02 P

Jost B. Jonas1, G. M. Kazakbaeva2, S. Panda-Jonas2, M. M. Bikbov2 (1Mannheim/D, 2Ufa/RUS)
Ural Eye and Medical study: prevalence and associated factor in AMD and specifically reticular pseudodrusen

03.03 L

Frank G. Holz (Bonn/D)
MACUSTAR Study in intermediate AMD – update and structural assessments

03.04 P

Ulrich F. O. Luhmann (Basel/CH)
MACUSTAR Study: Results from functional assessments in intermediate AMD

03.05 L

Robert Finger (Mannheim/D)
MACUSTAR Study: Patientreported outcomes in intermediate AMD?

03.06 L

Andrew J. Lotery (Southampton/UK)
Update of the Pinnacle Study in intermediate AMD

03.07 L

Cynthia Owsley (Birmingham/USA)
Visual function from normal aging to intermediate AMD: ALSTAR2 Results So Far

03.08 P

Marlene Saßmannshausen1, M. Vaisband2, S. Döngelci1, L. von der Emde1, K. Sloan3, J. Hasenauer1, F. G. Holz1, T. Ach1 (1Bonn/D, 2Salzburg/A, 3Birmingham/USA)
Correlation of structural biomarkers to fundus-controlled perimetry in intermediate agerelated macular degeneration: a six-year longitudinal study

03.09 L

Philip J. Rosenfeld (Miami/USA)
Onset and Progression of Choroidal Hypertransmission Defects in Intermediate AMD: A Novel Clinical Trial Endpoint

03.10 L

Robyn H. Guymer (Melbourne/AUS)
Intermediate AMD characteristics that signal higher risk of progression and nGA as a surrogate endpoint

03.11 L

Barbara A. Blodi (Madison/USA)
Multimodal assessment of complete and incomplete Retinal Pigment Epithelial Outer Retinal Atrophy (iRORA) and nascent geographic atrophy (nGA) in AMD using AREDS2 images

16:00 - 16:30

Coffee break

16:30 - 17:30

4th Session
Ageing of the outer retina, RPE and choroid: intermediate AMDII
Andrew Dick
David Sarraf (Los Angeles/USA)

04.01 L

Monika Fleckenstein (Salt Lake City/USA)
Phenotypic manifestations of AMD and their significance

04.02 P

Yannick N. Liermann1, C. Behning1, M. Saßmannshausen1, L.Weinhold1, B. Isselmann1, M. Schmid1, R. P. Finger1, S. Schmitz-Valckenberg1,2, F. G. Holz1, M. Pfau1,3, C. D. Luu4, S. Thiele1 (1 Bonn/D, 2Salt Lake City/USA, 3Basel/CH, 4Melbourne/AUS)
Functional characterization of the relative ellipsoid zone reflectivity in AMD

04.03 L

David Sarraf (Los Angeles/USA)
The Importance of the Apex of Drusen in NonNeovascular and Neovascular AMD

04.04 P

Jost B. Jonas1, T. A. Khalimov2, S. Panda-Jona3, M. M. Bikbov2 (1Mannheim/D, 2Ufa/RUS, 3Heidelberg/D)
Intravitreal application of epidermal growth factor in nonexudative AMD

04.05 P

Ana Sofia Falcão Falcão, M. Pedro, V. Miguel, R. Coelho, S. Tenreiro, M. Seabra (Lisbon/P)
NRF2 as a therapeutic target in early and intermediate AMD

04.06 P

Erik van Kuijk1, A. G. Robson2, D. Pauleikhoff3, J. D. Moreland4 (1Minneapolis/USA, 2London/UK, 3Muenster/D, 4Keele/UK)
Assessment of macular pigment distribution and stability in healthy subjects, including individuals monitored annually for periods of up to two decades

04.07 P

Andrii Serhiienko1, N. Dzuba1, O. Pekaryk2 (1 Kyiv/UKR, 2Winnipeg/CDN)
The influence of photo bio - modulation on macular pigment optical density and visual acuity in dry form AMD

17:30 - 18:00

Honorary Lecture
Frank G. Holz (Bonn/D) Daniel Pauleikhoff (Münster/D)


Alan C. Bird (London/UK)
Basic principles in AMD research and translation into therapeutic approaches

19:30 - 20:00

Reception at “Brenner’s Park Hotel”
Gala dinner

Saturday, 9th September 2023

08:30 - 10:30

5th Session
Ageing of the outer retina, RPE and choroid: immunity I
Rosa Dolz-Marco
K. Bailey Freund (New York/USA)

05.01 L

John Marshall (London/UK)
Recent advances in our understanding of the etiology of age-related retinal changes associated with the apical and basal surfaces of the RPE

05.02 P

Rosa Dolz-Marco, L. Vidal-Oliver, S. Montolío Marzo, R. GallegoPinazo (Valencia/E)
En face high axial resolution optical coherence tomography imaging in atrophic AMD: clinical signs

05.03 P

Scott McPherson, H. Roehrich, F. J. van Kuijk (Minneapolis/USA)
Detection of sub-retinal epithelial cell layer deposits in mice by zinc staining using ex-vivo and in-vivo methods

05.04 L

Andrew Dick (Bristol/UK)
Regulating Innate immunity in the RPE

05.05 L

Florian Sennlaub (Paris/F)
How AMD risk factors drive chronic inflammation

05.06 P

José Hurst, A. Fietz, S. Schnichels (Tübingen/D)
Inflammatory environment caused dysfunctional autophagy in primary RPE monolayers

05.07 P

Yara Lechanteur1, M. Shahabi1, F. Cinque1, C. Klaver1,2, B. van den Heuvel1 (1Nijmegen/NL, 2Rotterdam/NL)
Retrospective evaluation of complement components and activation products measure - ments in patients with AMD in a diagnostic setting

05.08 P

Sofie ten Brink1, L. Koolen1, G. Gagliardi1, B. Bakker1, C.W.W. Klaver1,2,3, Y. T. E. Lechanteur1, S. Albert1, R. Bakker4, A. I. den Hollander1,5, S. Almedawar4 (1Nijmegen/NL, 2Rotterdam/NL, 3Basel/CH, 4Ingelheim/D, 5Cambridge/USA)
Paradoxical complement inhibitor response in highly penetrant CFH variant compared to control iPSC lines

05.09 L

Giovanni Staurenghi (Milan/I)
CAM-Classification of development and characteristics of GA in AMD

05.10 L

Ramin Tadayoni (Paris/F)
Correlation between morphology and function in GA – a challenge

05.11 L

Emily Y. Chew (Bethesda/USA)
AREDS 2 and GA progression:
can supplements have an influence?

05.12 L

Sobha Sivaprasad (London/UK)
Perspectives from clinical trials:
is geographic atrophy one disease?

10:30 - 11:00

Coffee break

11:00 - 13:00

6th Session
Ageing of the outer retina, RPE and choroid: immunity II
Emily Y. Chew
Giovanni Staurenghi (Milan/I)

06.01 L

Usha Chakravarthy (Belfast/UK)
Immune dysregulation and risk

06.02 L

Jordi M. Monés (Barcelona/E)
Anti-complement therapy in geographic atrophy – study update

06.03 L

Richard F. Spaide (New York/USA)
The futility of complement inhibition in the treatment of geographic atrophy

06.04 L

John Flannery, S. Singh, C. Bowes Rickman (Berkeley/USA)
An Intravitreal AAV mediated complement-based gene therapy for dry AMD

06.05 L

J. Jill Hopkins (San Francisco/USA)
Late stage development gene therapy in GA

06.06 P

Boris Stanzel1, C. Burri2, S. Al-Nawaiseh1,3, P. Wakili1, S. J. Gasparini4, G. Farese1, C. Krötz1, B. Greber5, M. Frenz2, P. Szurman1, A. Schulz1, M. Ader4 (1Sulzbach/D, 2Bern/CH, 3Münster/D, 4Dresden/D, 5Schorndorf/D)
Large-Area RPE Removal by Laser followed by hiPS-RPE suspension transplantation in rabbits

06.07 L

Cathrine Cukras (Washington/USA)
Can MNV development slow down GA progression?

06.08 L

Peter Westenskow (Basel/CH)
What stimulates MNV angiogenesis other than VEGF?

06.09 L

Michel Paques (Paris/F)
Hyperreflective foci in the retina – implication for AMD pathogenesis

13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 16:30

7th Session
Neovascular AMD and Imaging
Usha Chakravarthy
Richard F. Spaide (New York/USA)

07.01 L

Clemens Lange (Münster/D)
Omics studies of MNV in AMD – New Candidates for Treatment?

07.02 P

Oliver Zeitz, L. Flesch, V. Knecht, D. P. Frentzel, S. Rau, A. Rübsam, S. E. Künzel, S. Wolf, F. Dreher, M. Schuette, B. Lange, M.-L.Yaspo, H. Lehrach, A. M. Joussen (Berlin/D)
The BIOMAC-Study: modulation of CNV activity in nAMD and anti-VEGF treatment need through systemic factors

07.03 L

Sascha Fauser (Basel/CH)
Perspectives and new directions in therapeutical strategies in nAMD

07.04 L

Adnan Tufail (London/UK)
Application of deep learningbased automated segmentation in OCT on AMD

07.05 L

Maximilian Pfau (Bonn/D)
Can AI algorithm support AMD researchandtreatment strategies?

07.06 L

SriniVas Sadda (Los Angeles/USA)
The choriocapillaris and atrophy in nAMD under anti-VEGF therapy:
insights into pathophysiology

07.07 L

Glenn J. Jaffe (Durham/USA)
Challenges of clinical relevant phenotyping of nAMD

07.08 L

Sandra Liakopoulos (Frankfurt am Main/D)
Biomarkers in neovascular AMD

07.09 L

Tunde Peto (Belfast/UK)
New insights from epidemiology and secondary image analysis studies

07.10 L

Francesco Viola (Milan/I)
The fellow eye in exudative nAMD: 10 years of follow-up

07.11 L

K. Bailey Freund (New York/USA)
Type 3 MNV – a specific phenotype?

07.12 P

Alaa Din Abdin, O. Hanifa, I. Weinstein, C. Munteanu, B. Seitz (Homburg/Saar/D)
Long-term choroidal thickness changes after anti-VEGF treatment for neovascular AMD depending on the type of macular neovascularisation (5 year follow-up)

07.13 P

Wissam Aljundi, C. Munteanu, B. Seitz, A. D. Abdin (Homburg/Saar/D)
Short-term results of intravitreal faricimab for refractory nMD

07.14 P

Jakob Siedlecki, J. E. Klaas, L. F. Keidel, B. Asani, N. Luft, S. G. Priglinger, B. Schworm (Munich/D)
Progression of type 1 macular neovascularization into aneurysmal polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy within the pachychoroid spectrum

07.15 P

Francesco Cinque1, S. ten Brink1, M. Shahabi1, A. de Breuk1, T. Heesterbeek1, C. Klaver1,2,3, C. Hoyng1, Y. Lechanteur1 (1Nijmegen/NL, 2Rotterdam/NL, 3Basel/CH)
Preliminary clinical and progression analysis of a prospective cohort study of unilateral nAMD

07.16 L

Daniel Pauleikhoff (Münster/D)
Early and longterm trans for - mation of MNV under treatment – characteristics and prognosis


Final remarks
Daniel Pauleikhoff
Frank G. Holz (Bonn/D)

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Friday, 8th September 2023


Social event and gala dinner
Orangerie at Brenner’s Parkhotel




Gala dinner

Price per person (incl. dinner and drinks):
Regular: 80€
Resident/Fellow, Student: 55€
Retired, unemployed: 55€

Authorsback to top

Alaa Din Abdin
Kirrberger Straße 100, Gebäude 22
66424 Homburg/Saar

Thomas Ach
Ernst-Abbe-Straße 2
53127 Bonn

Kevin Achberger
Eberhard Karls University Tübingen
Institute of Neuroanatomy
Österbergstr. 3
72074 Tübingen

Wissam Aljundi
Kirrberger Straße 100, Gebäude 22
66424 Homburg/Saar

Alan C. Bird
University College London
Institute of Ophthalmology
155 Turney Road
SE21 7JU London
United Kingdom

Barbara A. Blodi
University of Wisconsin
Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
2870 University Ave, Suite 206
Madison WI 53705

Sofie ten Brink
Radboud universitair medisch centrum
Philips van Leydenlaan 15 (route 409)
6500 HB Nijmegen

Usha Chakravarthy
Queens University of Belfast
Centre for Public Health
BT12 6BA Belfast
United Kingdom

Rui Chen
Baylor College of Medicine
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics
Center of Single Cell Omics
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics
Office: T805
Houston TX 77030

Emily Y. Chew
National Institutes of Health
National Eye Institute
NIH, Bldg. 10, CRC, Room 3-2531
10 Center Drive, MSC 1204
Bethesda MD 20892

Francesco Cinque
Radboud universitair medisch centrum
Philips van Leydenlaan 15 (route 409)
6500 HB Nijmegen

Karl Csaky
Retina Foundation of the Southwest
9600 N Central Expressway, Suite 200
Dallas TX 75231

Cathrine Cukras
Unit on Clinical Investigation of Retinal Disease
10 Center Drive, Building 10-CRC Room 3-2531
Bethesda MD 20892

Christine A. Curcio
University of Alabama
School of Medicine
Department of Ophthalmology
Volker Hall 360 , 1670 University Blvd
Birmingham AL 35233

Andrew Dick
University of Bristol
Bristol Eye Hospital
Lower Maudlin Street
BS1 2LX Bristol
United Kingdom

Jianhai Du
West Virginia University
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual
WVU HSC Biomedical Research Ce
108 Biomedical Rd, Room 219

Ana Sofia Falcão de Jesus
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Nova Medical School
Chronic Diseases Research Center (CEDOC)
Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, 130
1169-056 Lisboa

Sascha Fauser
Roche Pharma AG
Emil-Barell-Straße 1
79639 Grenzach-Wyhlen

Deborah A. Ferrington
Doheny Eye Institute
150 N. Orange Grove Blvd Rm. 360
Pasadena CA 91103

Robert P. Finger
Theodor-Kutzer-Ufer 1–3
68167 Mannheim

John G. Flannery
University of California
Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
112 Barker Hall
Berkeley CA 94720

Monika Fleckenstein
University of Utah
John A. Moran Eye Center
65 Mario Capecchi Drive
Salt Lake City UT 84132

K. Bailey Freund
Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York
950 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York NY 10022

Robyn H. Guymer
University of Melbourne
Centre for Eye Research Australia
Level 7, 32 Gisborne Street
VIC 3002 East Melbourne

Frank G. Holz
Ernst-Abbe-Straße 2
53127 Bonn

J. Jill Hopkins
Novartis AG
4057 Basel

Carel B. Hoyng
Radboud University Medical Centre
Department of Ophthalmology
Philips van Leydenlaan 15
6525 EX Nijmegen

James B. Hurley
University of Washington
James B. Hurley Lab
South Lake Union campus
UW 750 Republican St., Room E240
Seattle WA 98109

José Hurst
Universität Tübingen
Institute for Ophthalmic Research
Elfriede-Aulhorn-Strasse 7
72076 Tübingen

Glenn J. Jaffe
Duke University Medical Center
Duke Eye Center
2351 Erwin Road
Durham NC 27705

Glen Jeffery
University College London
Institute of Ophthalmology
11–43 Bath Street
EC1V 9EL London
United Kingdom

Jost B. Jonas
Seegarten Klinik Heidelberg
Adenauerplatz 2
69115 Heidelberg

Caroline Klaver
Erasmus Medical Center
Dept. of Ophthalmology
Dr. Molewaterplein 40
3015 GD Rotterdam

Clemens Lange
Augenzentrum am St. Franziskus-Hospital
Hohenzollernring 74
48145 Münster

Yara Lechanteur
Radboud University Medical Centre
Department of Ophthalmology
Philips van Leydenlaan 15
6525 EX Nijmegen

Imre Lengyel
Queen’s University Belfast
School of Medicine, Dentistry
and Biomedical Sciences
97 Lisburn Road
BT9 7BL Belfast
United Kingdom

Sandra Liakopoulos
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
60590 Frankfurt/Main

Yannick N. Liemann
Ernst-Abbe-Straße 2
53127 Bonn

Andrew J. Lotery
University Hospital Southampton
Eye Unit
103 Tremona Road
SO16 6YD Southampton
United Kingdom

Ulrich F. O. Luhmann
Roche Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development,
Translational Medicine Ophthalmology,
Roche Innovation Center Basel,
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
Grenzacherstraße 124
4070 Basel/CH

Rosa Dolz Marco
Oftalvist Valencia
46007 Valencia

John Marshall
University College London
Institute of Ophthalmology
11-43 Bath Street
EC1V 9EL London
United Kingdom

Scott McPherson
University of Minnesota
Department of Ophthalmology
Vitreoretinal Surgery, P.A.
7760 France Avenue South, Suite 310
Minneapolis MN 55435

Jordi M. Monés
Centro Médico Teknon
Carrer Vilana 12
8022 Barcelona

Robert F. Mullins
University of Iowa
Department of Ophthalmology
Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research
375 Newton Road
Iowa City IA 52242

Cynthia Owsley
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Dept. of Ophthalmology
1720 University Blvd, Suite 609
Birmingham AL 35233

Michel Paques
Hospital Lariboisiere
Dept. of Ophthalmolgy
2 rue Ambroise Pare
75010 Paris

Daniel Pauleikhoff
Augenzentrum am St. Franziskus-Hospital
Hohenzollernring 74
48145 Münster

Tunde Peto
Queen’s University Belfast
School of Medicine, Dentistry
and Biomedical Sciences
97 Lisburn Road
BT9 7BL Belfast
United Kingdom

Maximilian Pfau
Ernst-Abbe-Straße 2
53127 Bonn

Philip J. Rosenfeld
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
900 NW 17th Street
Miami FL 33136

SriniVas Sadda
Doheny Eye Center UCLA
622 W. Duarte Road; Suite 101
Arcadia CA 91007

David Sarraf
Jules Stein Eye Institute (UCLA)
Dept. of Ophthalmology
100 Stein Plaza
Los Angeles CA 90402

Marlene Saßmannshausen
Ernst-Abbe-Straße 2
53127 Bonn

Steffen Schmitz-Valckenberg
John A. Moran Eye Center
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science
65 Medical Drive
Salt Lake City UT 84132

Florian Sennlaub
Institut de la Vision
17 rue Moreau
75012 Paris

Andrii Serhiienko
Professor Serhiienko Eye Clinic
#30/D, Vasylkivska St
3022 Kyiv

Mahfam Shahabi
Radboud University Medical Centre
Dept. of Pathology
Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10
6525 GA Nijmegen

Jakob Siedlecki
Augenklinik der LMU
Mathildenstraße 8
80336 München

Sobha Sivaprasad
Moorfields Eye Hospital
162 City Road
ECIV 2PD London
United Kingdom

Richard F. Spaide
Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants
of New York
950 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York NY 10022

Janet R. Sparrow
Columbia University
Department of Ophthalmology
635 West 165th Street
New York NY 10032

Boris V. Stanzel
Knappschaftskrankenhaus Sulzbach
An der Klinik 10
66280 Sulzbach

Giovanni Staurenghi
University of Milan
via Muratori 29
20135 Milan

Anand Swaroop
National Eye Institute
Bldg 6/338
6 Center Drive; MSC 0610
Bethesda MD 20892

Ramin Tadayoni
Université de Paris
Hôpital Lariboisière
Dept. of Ophthalmology
2 rue Ambroise Paré
75010 Paris

Adnan Tufail
Moorfields Eye Hospital
162 City Road
EC1V 2PD London
United Kingdom

Marius Ueffing
Universitätsklinikum Tübingen
Forschungsinstitut für Augenheilkunde
Elfriede-Aulhorn-Straße 7
72076 Tübingen

Erik van Kuijk
University of Minnesota
Dept. of Ophthalmology & Visual Neurosciences
420 Delaware Street SE / MMC 493
Minneapolis MN 55455

Francesco Viola
Ospedale Maggiore, Mangiagalli e Regina Elena
Policlinico IRCCS
U.O. Oculistica
Via Francesco Sforza, 35
20122 Milan

Leon von der Emde
Ernst-Abbe-Straße 2
53127 Bonn

Peter Westenskow
Roche Pharma AG
Medical Scientific Relations
Emil-Barell-Straße 1
79639 Grenzach-Wyhlen

Brandi L. Williams
University of Utah
John A. Moran Eye Center
65 Mario Capecchi Drive
Salt Lake City UT 84132

Oliver Zeitz
Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Campus Benjamin Franklin
Klinik für Augenheilkunde
Hindenburgdamm 30
12200 Berlin

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By plane

International airports
Frankfurt: 170 km
Stuttgart: 100 km
Basel/Mulhouse: 160 km
Zürich: 300 km
Strassburg: 60 km
Frequent train connections for all airports via Deutsche Bahn

Regional airport
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (Baden-Airpark) at a distance of 15 km with regular flights e.g. from Barcelona (Girona), London (Stansted), Milan (Bergamo), Stockholm and Tel Aviv to Baden-Baden.
Flight connections from various destinations nonstop by Eurowings, Ryanair, Wizz Air and many others.
Detailed information:

By train

The train station Baden-Baden is a stop for ICE/EC/IC/IR trains as well as all other regional trains.

Main lines
Basel – Hamburg,
Basel – Rheinland,
Basel – Berlin, and
Paris – Vienna via Stuttgart and Munich

From the train station Baden-Baden Oos and all other bus stops you can reach the city centre and the surroundings comfortably and fast by bus. Strassburg (France) can be reached in about one hour. To get to Heidelberg, Freiburg, Stuttgart or Basel (Switzerland) it takes about 1,5 hours by train.

By car

Autobahn A5 Frankfurt – Basel
Exit Baden-Baden / Direction Centrum/Congress

B500 France – Black Forest – Switzerland
Baden-Baden / Direction Centrum/Congress

Navigation settings
Augustaplatz 10
76530 Baden-Baden

Kongresshaus underground car park
at the Kongresshaus
Augustaplatz 10,
76530 Baden-Baden